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Meet the Horses

Once upon a time, two horse brothers named Jessie and Jayden grew up in the rolling green pastures of Ohio.

They were trained by a kind Amish family, who taught them the ropes of pulling carriages and the art of making dreams come true.


It was in their blood, after all: Jessie and Jayden are Gypsy Vanners, a type of draft horse long applauded for its gentle demeanor, engaging personality, and agile ability to pull carriages. 


Today, Jessie and Jayden live with other horses and a loving family on a North Las Vegas ranch, where their favorite hobbies include rolling around playfully, munching on carrots, and spending time together.


These brothers are inseparable, and with their strong trot, flowing black and white manes, and silky "feathers" just above their hooves, they'll make your dream day a reality with the most delightful carriage ride in all the land. 

Are you ready to begin writing your own fairytale?

Email us below to book your horse-drawn carriage for an unforgettable day.

Book Your Carriage!

Note: At this time, the City of Las Vegas does not allow horse carriage rides on the Strip. Must be 18 or older to book. 

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Enjoys eating carrots and trotting in his Las Vegas arena!



Loves chin rubs, horse biscuits, and basking in the sun!

horse brothers
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