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Horse Carriage Rides for Weddings & Special Events

With a horse-drawn carriage, you and your guests will forever have a unique memory of your special day – whether it's a wedding, anniversary, birthday, graduation, or absolutely anything else!

Tell us about the event, colors, and any unique requests for your carriage ride, and our horses Jayden and Jessie will arrive dressed to impress with ribbons in their manes and a beautifully decorated carriage. For their very first carriage ride, Jayden and Jessie surprised a couple for their 41st anniversary with ribbons, flowers, and a special gift – all in lavender, the lovely couple's wedding color! 

Jessie and Jayden will pull you and your guests in a stunning white carriage outfitted with luxury red velvet seats and the option of a canopy for shade. 

Whatever your event may be, a timeless horse-drawn carriage will make it special and unforgettable. 

Email us now to book a carriage ride for: 




Valentine's Day



Special Occasions 

Much More! 

Book Your Carriage!

Note: At this time, the City of Las Vegas does not allow horse carriage rides on the Strip. Must be 18 or older to book. 

We do not provide a photographer — only the horses and carriage.

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